Target: swissmail-https
Monitoring interval: 5 min.
Timezone: (GMT+01:00)
Monitoring status: active
Sunday, 08/25/2019 17:06:06 (GMT+01:00)

Current Status Ping (milliseconds)
Location StatusLast checkResp. timeLoss (%)MinAvgMax
Washington, DC UP08/25/2019 17:040.631 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000
Singapore UP08/25/2019 17:041.049 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000
Amsterdam, Netherlands UP08/25/2019 17:020.298 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000
Shanghai, China UP08/25/2019 17:042.376 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000
Brisbane, Australia UP08/25/2019 17:022.321 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000
Houston, TX UP08/25/2019 17:011.055 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000

Uptime Today
LocationTotal ChecksFailsAverage resp. timeUptime (%)Downtime
Washington, DC20800.6608100.00000h 0m
Singapore20601.0841100.00000h 0m
Amsterdam, Netherlands21100.2127100.00000h 0m
Shanghai, China19601.5473100.00000h 0m
Brisbane, Australia20402.5016100.00000h 0m
Houston, TX20701.1233100.00000h 0m
Total123201.1784100.00000h 0m

This Month Uptime
LocationTotal ChecksFailsAverage resp. timeUptime (%)Downtime
Washington, DC719700.6780100.00000h 0m
Singapore712901.1240100.00000h 0m
Amsterdam, Netherlands730610.239799.98630h 4m
Shanghai, China677711.665599.98520h 5m
Brisbane, Australia709702.3801100.00000h 0m
Houston, TX717511.139099.98610h 5m
Total4268131.194899.99300h 5m

Uptime Statistics for the last 3 months
LocationTotal ChecksFailsAverage resp. timeUptime (%)Downtime
Washington, DC3387300.6960100.00000h 0m
Singapore3361131.163199.99110h 14m
Amsterdam, Netherlands3435420.217899.99420h 9m
Shanghai, China3261361.664199.98160h 30m
Brisbane, Australia3338622.492499.99400h 9m
Houston, TX3382611.157399.99700h 5m
Total201663141.223799.99310h 30m

Uptime Statistics for the last 6 months
LocationTotal ChecksFailsAverage resp. timeUptime (%)Downtime
Washington, DC5966320.678099.99660h 9m
Singapore5921541.158099.99320h 19m
Amsterdam, Netherlands6061220.201799.99670h 9m
Shanghai, China5762781.576599.98610h 40m
Brisbane, Australia5888022.537899.99660h 9m
Houston, TX5959521.148599.99660h 9m
Total355592201.209199.99440h 40m

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Uptime Statistics and Response times are calculated based on the monitoring results of the WebSitePulse monitoring agent.

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