Target: swissmail-https
Monitoring interval: 5 min.
Timezone: (GMT+01:00)
Monitoring status: active
Wednesday, 06/19/2019 23:48:32 (GMT+01:00)

Current Status Ping (milliseconds)
Location StatusLast checkResp. timeLoss (%)MinAvgMax
Washington, DC UP06/19/2019 23:471.160 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000
Singapore UP06/19/2019 23:480.998 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000
Amsterdam, Netherlands UP06/19/2019 23:440.263 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000
Shanghai, China UP06/19/2019 23:471.133 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000
Brisbane, Australia UP06/19/2019 23:472.842 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000
Houston, TX UP06/19/2019 23:471.105 100.00 0.000 0.000 0.000

Uptime Today
LocationTotal ChecksFailsAverage resp. timeUptime (%)Downtime
Washington, DC28701.2032100.00000h 0m
Singapore28401.1331100.00000h 0m
Amsterdam, Netherlands29000.1915100.00000h 0m
Shanghai, China27201.6112100.00000h 0m
Brisbane, Australia28502.5183100.00000h 0m
Houston, TX28801.2063100.00000h 0m
Total170601.3049100.00000h 0m

This Month Uptime
LocationTotal ChecksFailsAverage resp. timeUptime (%)Downtime
Washington, DC550900.7283100.00000h 0m
Singapore546411.162999.98170h 4m
Amsterdam, Netherlands558010.198099.98210h 4m
Shanghai, China529011.448399.98110h 5m
Brisbane, Australia541412.544299.98150h 5m
Houston, TX550301.1634100.00000h 0m
Total3276041.199999.98780h 5m

Uptime Statistics for the last 3 months
LocationTotal ChecksFailsAverage resp. timeUptime (%)Downtime
Washington, DC3214420.668199.99380h 9m
Singapore3193231.153299.99060h 14m
Amsterdam, Netherlands3262710.179399.99690h 4m
Shanghai, China3111561.471899.98070h 29m
Brisbane, Australia3178812.573599.99690h 5m
Houston, TX3212601.1504100.00000h 0m
Total191732131.192999.99320h 29m

Uptime Statistics for the last 6 months
LocationTotal ChecksFailsAverage resp. timeUptime (%)Downtime
Washington, DC58254770.742899.86786h 21m
Singapore57819821.264399.85826h 48m
Amsterdam, Netherlands59468850.272099.85716h 57m
Shanghai, China56351901.605599.84037h 40m
Brisbane, Australia57501792.694499.86266h 38m
Houston, TX58206781.216699.86606h 23m
Total3475994911.291099.85877h 40m

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Uptime Statistics and Response times are calculated based on the monitoring results of the WebSitePulse monitoring agent.

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